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    September 7th 2007

    The tightrope walker ringmaster part 3

    Nowadays I feel inspired all the time. Would you like that? It’s a truly magnificent state of being. This is not because I was born like this or I have some magical character trait, I wasn’t like this before, I have actually made myself to be this way and because I know how I did it I really want to share it with you. There is so much to it and we have to start somewhere.

    To recap part 2 – the three traditional Ways are ways of gaining control and integrating the ancient circuits inside of your brain (I’ll discuss these circuits in this article). It’s like bugfixing old software. This is probably why consciousness itself evolved, to gain control and bugfix. This is the only way nature could improve this species. The problem is it doesn’t happen by itself, it is actually YOU that must do this!

    So if you’re ready to see the world through my lense, let go of your skepticism, there is no place for that in my bandwagon. All I ask of you is to think about this and most importantly observe this stuff in action!

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    September 2nd 2007

    The tightrope walker ringmaster part 2

    Welcome and read on. As I mentioned you need to evolve, progress has to be made. Either in your personal development or in the value or creation you put into life. If you don’t want to do that you’re making yourself harm because you can’t stay in place in this world. There is no permanence so you must go backwards which leads to pain. First let’s learn about something that might be a bit new to you.

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    August 31st 2007

    The tightrope walker ringmaster part 1

    When Zarathustra arrived at the edge of the forest, he came upon a town. Many people had gathered there in the marketplace to see a tightrope walker who had promised a performance. The crowd, believing that Zarathustra was the ringmaster come to introduce the tightrope walker, gathered around to listen. And Zarathustra spoke to the people:I teach you the Overman! Mankind is something to be overcome. What have you done to overcome mankind?

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    August 31st 2007


    Just as a tree to live, it must constantly grow, spreading its roots and forming new branches, so does this blog in order to live must grow. That’s why I’m adding a new humanities section. This is about the things that are important to me, all else is either ideas that spawn from them or clutter.