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    January 24th 2008

    Paper walls

    Decide what you want and go get it.
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    January 4th 2008

    Surviving 2008

    I just realized I have a crazy amount of work to get done this year, especially this month. Not just the games I announced but my other personal projects and activities. The funny thing is 99% of it is stuff I don’t really need to get done. I just want to do it. If you ever wanted to do something you didn’t have to do, you know how hard it is to accomplish it. I’ve been studying this subject all my life and figuring out techniques and methods of accomplishing my goals. One of the most important things to do is have a system of work and having it written down. And even better than having a written down system of work is having it written in some public place for all to read. When others evaluate you and know about your plans suddenly they become much higher priority.

    This is a chance to see what’s in my kitchen. If you don’t like abstract writing about doing things here’s a concrete list of tips and techniques I developed during my life which will help me survive 2008. read more »

    November 21st 2007

    Lessons from Joey

    I am always interested in looking behind the scenes. Why do some people kick ass and others are losers. I wonder if you can spot what makes Manowar such a great band. This is Joey De Maio, founder of the “loudest band on earth” having PA problems before a concert.

    This system has no what?

    By the way, anyone going to Magic Circle Festival next year?

    November 2nd 2007

    A little of the Ludwig Van

    In my post Creating a classic a little discussion broke through, mainly probably because my message did not get through correctly (also probably some confuse the word “classic” with “classical” hah). I made a very important comment there and I need to write this down here. This is an elaboration on creating a classic.
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    October 26th 2007

    Creating a classic

    How do you create a classic? That means a game that will stand the test of time and will be remembered for decades to come. Classics are very easy to find. Whenever I talk to people that were gamers in the 80’s and 90’s they bring up the same games: Wolf3D or Doom, Another World, Sensible World of Soccer, River Raid, Civilization, Contra. ANYONE that has been passionate about games back then knows these games. It’s like asking old people about the Beatles. Those are classics.
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    September 16th 2007

    Conversations with Satoru Iwata part 2

    Itoi: Mr. Miyamoto said that an idea is “something which solves multiple issues”, and you mentioned that it opened your eyes to a new way of thinking. However, as a programmer, I’m sure you have solved problems in the same way?

    Iwata: Actually, yes. Fixing a bug in a program often solves many problems, or visa versa.

    MM: This has actually two sides because fixing a bug may produce more bugs.  We can see this in Soldat were with each new version when I fix something there happen new bugs which are a result of the fix!  This is sort of an irony which we should find a way out of. One way out of it is to change our thinking because the way we think makes these problems.

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    September 12th 2007

    Conversations with Satoru Iwata

    These are transcripts from conversations with Nintendo’s boss Satoru Iwata. I find the philosophy behind them very true and I want to share it, especially with you software developers out there. You can find the original here. I present you a version here with my commentaries.
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    August 11th 2007

    The downside of game development

    At first I wanted to write a post for all people beginning their journey in game development, cause many ask me for advice. I wanted to write something inspirational but I’ll leave that for another time. Now I want to write about the aspect of game making that 99% of people never get to experience, because they never ship their game, they fail to finish it. I have just finished Soldat 1.4.2 and released it. What is it like to finish a game? Believe or not releasing the game is the downside of game development.
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    August 4th 2007

    Other bands play, Manowar KILL!

    gowl.jpg At first I wanted to write something in the same manner, about what I truly think games are about, why we play them and why I make them. But then I stumbled upon an article about Manowar. If you don’t know what Manowar is then you probably need to relive your life again because something went wrong. Manowar is about true kicking ass metal music, they live and they die for metal. I want to show what my attitude is for making games and what my new game will be all about.
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    July 20th 2007

    Why your next 3D MMORPG will fail

    From time to time I get e-mails from fellow game developers, people just starting out asking me for advice. Usually when people start their journey they want to make the next big 3D MMORPG. I have decided to write down my answer to them for everyone to enjoy.
    This is for the people that are making or want to make games, but what I will write about spans nearly everything in life. So be sure to read what I’m saying if you have ever wanted to achieve something.

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