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    March 21st 2011

    New interview with MM about Soldat & Link-Dead

    The interview is done by It covers a variety of topics: such as my fascination with 2D, about my development process, inspirations and the causes of design changes in LD:

    March 8th 2011

    Linux dedicated server

    Success. Dedicated server runs on CentOS. I decided to make the linux server publicly available here.

    March 4th 2011


    Here it is, fast as lightning :). Lots of bug fixes in this patch. It’s not perfect but I’ll get there in the next releases.

    Most important changes are:

    • Camera now works differently; you can move it around most of the time instead of just when aiming; It stays in the center of your character only when moving (cause it’s easier to move/climb like that)
    • Running/walking movements are now smoothened and the speeds are more unified; also the player does not stick so much to the surface (this gives a new feel to the moving, I think I got rid of the awkwardness of the running from previous releases)
    • Armor is much heavier; some movements like wall climbing are restricted only to light classes
    • Huntdown is now about hunting heads!

    See change log for details  read more »

    March 2nd 2011

    I added some fresh gameplay screenshots from yesterday to the LD home page, check them out here. You can also see them on the Facebook page.

    March 1st 2011


    Here it is.
    This release took over 40 days and nights because practically every aspect of the game has been changed or tweaked. This is a brand new game you have here. If there was something you didn’t like about previous versions check this one out.

    First of all the whole movement system has been changed. I have closely watched parkour and tried to get that feeling of free urban running into Link-Dead. I’m sure this game beats Mirror’s Edge 2D in this aspect alone. There are lots of new animations and moves. But what is most important is that they are really easy to do. You just need to know how to jump [SPACE] and point your mouse at the direction you want to go.
    This is explained in this video tutorial “Moving over or under obstacles”.

    The second cool thing is melee weapons. There are new animations for handling them, like striking, blocking and THROWING! You can play with two new weapons: the Spear of Destiny and a mining Pickaxe. Impaling a dude against a wall with the spear was the thing I was so excited about a couple weeks ago. There is no game of this kind that allows you to do this.

    Watch this video to see how the Spear works (you might need to watch in fullscreen to see the full effect):

    Third thing is I added… read more »

    January 14th 2011


    I compressed time and did a lot in just 3 days. First of all I addressed some bugs that caused the server to restart, second I fixed a lot of annoying bugs that happened in the last release.

    What is most cool though is I finally added a REMOTE DETONATOR for Mutants! I can’t wait to blow someone up with this baby. But that’s not all, I made a BOOBY TRAP attachment for the IED. So when an unsuspecting Ubermen tries to disarm a grenade KABOOM!!!

    Last but not least the Scram Cannon works a bit differently now because it causes fatal wounds to the victim. So he starts bleeding to death if he doesn’t patch himself up. Fatal wounds can also occur from other weapons and explosives.

    Have fun.

    Changes 1919-1922:- added booby trap IED attachment (explodes when disarmed or picked up)
    - added remote detonator IED attachment (detonate with action menu [E])
    - added FOV option for 360 degrees view
    - added improvements on ragdoll collision
    - added fatal wounds which make you slowly die if not patched
    - added separate cursor for pickup/drop item menus
    - chat.txt is now timestamped
    - fixed disconnection happening when ragdoll was missing
    - player dies when fallen out of map bounds
    - spectator camera can be moven with left mouse and zoomed with right
    - map uses smooth again by default
    - moved FOV origin higher
    - disabled arrow in heartbeat detector
    - modified spawn points on Warehouse (UM spawn only outside of interiors)
    - fixed some collision bugs and map boundaries on Warehouse
    - fixed parallax rendering on minimalist preset
    - fixed grenade throwing out of hip
    - fixed crash on inventory item drop[weapons]- Scram cannon is now a fast shooting rifle that causes fatal wounds
    - 7% less damage on Nailer
    - lots of more smoke on smoke grenades

    January 10th 2011


    Grab the first update of 2011. It will automatically download once you start LD.exe. If you don’t have Link-Dead yet, go here.

    What’s new? read more »

    January 6th 2011

    Forgot to mention this earlier. First ever Link-Dead gun mod! It’s a new revolver for Ubermen.

    December 30th 2010

    Link-Dead available on Desura

    I’m happy to announce that Link-Dead is one of the first few games available on the digital game download platform called Desura. Desura is something like Steam except that it kicks Steam’s ass because it is:
    – indie-friendly (made by the creators of ModDB & IndieDB)
    – community driven
    – mods and downloadable content support

    Pay-what-you-want pricing is not currently available so I fixed the price to 4.99EU/$. I decided this amount because it is the average donation I get for Link-Dead. So go support Link-Dead, support Desura and have some awesome times playing it!

    December 20th 2010

    Montage of raw gameplay footage from the alpha version of Link-Dead. Available in HD quality.
    Get the game here: