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    November 19th 2009

    Soldat clone videos

    Subscribe to my Youtube channel! There is a little feature there in the playlists if you can find it called “Soldat clones”. It’s game videos that I find of games that are published or still in development which I can see are a direct inspiration from Soldat. It’s a little hobby of mine gathering them.

    November 18th 2009

    Prototype of my new GUI context menu:

    November 16th 2009

    CGI or not? Results

    In response to the quiz there was:
    10 votes for CGI & 9 votes for real.
    I guess the interpretation of this is: that nobody can really tell.
    The truth is that the video is a clip from the 1973 film The Wicker Man.

    My point with this was:
    1. to say that The Wicker Man is a brilliant film and you should go watch it now
    2. there are things in the real world that look fake but they are not. This is the problem that CGI artists and game artists face today. Some things just look fake but everyone wants real. So how do you make it more real? Of course – MORE BROWN!

    October 22nd 2009

    Proof of concept of 2D real-time Field of View based on raycasting. What do you think?

    (click for higher resolution)

    (subscribe to my Youtube videos for more!)

    May 26th 2009

    Cave generator fun

    Just a simple gif:


    April 29th 2009


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