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    September 17th 2010

    coding black magic

    Back to news for coding geeks. I made 2 interesting things this week. It would seem like black magic to me a year ago but now I have uber c++ skills.

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    September 16th 2010

    Excerpt from the “Minimanual of Urban Guerilla”

    The urban guerrilla’s weapons are light arms, easily obtained, usually captured from the enemy, purchased, or made on the spot. In general, light weapons are characterized as being short-barrelled. This includes many automatic weapons. Experience has shown that the basic weapon of the urban guerrilla is the light submachine gun. The urban guerrilla should not attempt to base his actions on the use of heavy weapons, To prevent his own death, the urban guerrilla must shoot first, and he cannot err in his shot.

    1. He must take the enemy by surprise.

    2. He must know the terrain of the encounter.

    3. He must have greater mobility and speed than the police and other repressive forces.

    4. His information service must be better than the enemy’s

    Minimanual of urban guerilla

    September 15th 2010


    I’m making an IED (Improvised Explosive Device), which can be thrown like a grenade but works only with special attachments. These are easy to add with the attachment system I built. The IED attachments list is currently:

    – timer (timing detonator, when this is attached it can work like a normal grenade)
    – shrapnel (add shrapnel to the explosive damaging other players; these will be specified even more with damage particles like nails, petrol etc.)
    – sticky (glue that makes the IED stick to any surface)
    – bouncy (makes it jump like a jelly bean)
    – proximity (human proximity detector)
    – laser tripwire
    – camo (camouflage the explosive so it isn’t easily visible)
    – boobytrap (disguise the explosive as a different item, for example ammo clip)
    – devicetrap (mounted inside switches and terminals; when a player uses it, the explosive goes off)
    – remote detonator (used with remote control; this will work like pipe bombs in Duke Nukem)
    – smoke (emits smoke after thrown)
    – armor (additional layer of armor which prevents the explosive from being detonated by shooting at)
    – kinetic (explodes after contact; with ground, wall or human)

    I think one IED can have 3 attachments max.

    September 14th 2010

    Added automatic going under passages or climbing if pressed walk button for half a second. Added attachable buttstock, which greatly reduces recoil when aiming against shoulder (right mouse button).

    September 13th 2010

    Mutant firing a pistol

    Sneak peak at the sprite work in Link-Dead

    September 13th 2010

    Thoughts on pre-alpha

    More testing revealed more critical bugs. Since I know them I have to fix them instead of releasing a test. Another thing is I can see more clearly now that this game makes little sense in deathmatch and teammatch modes. The emphasis on tactics boils the game down to hiding if you have a weaker weapon and camping if you have a stronger one. Fortunately I did see this when I was designing the gameplay and I already defined the gameplay back when we were working on the weapon sprites with Victor Rojo. The solution is to diversify the teams. Right now I just made weapons for one team and they both use them. This only makes sense in Soldat but not in LD. The teams should be as different as possible.

    So one team, called now the Ubermen, has access to all sorts of medium and heavy, gun powder, electro-magnetic and rocket weapons. It is generally an offensive team. The second team, called now the Mutant Men or the Undermen (haven’t decided yet) living underground, are a defensive team. This is congruent with the Link-Dead storyline. The mutants make use only of guerilla tactics. I actually read the Minimanual of the Urban Guerilla to define this team. So, they will only make use of very small guns and rely mostly on covert ops, explosives and traps. Thinking of this makes me very excited and I can’t wait to add some pipe bombs.

    In the upcoming days I will squashing the bugs and adding the guerilla weapons.

    September 11th 2010

    Success does not come from putting your trust in an idea that has not been proven to you. It comes instead from proving to yourself that only >one< course of action could possibly be the right way – Harry Browne

    September 9th 2010

    I’m spending the second day optimizing one class for bit arrays. It is the most used and critical data structure in my engine. Every single operation is hand-crafted, rewritten several times and optimized.

    September 7th 2010

    Bandwidth problem has been succesfully resolved, One fully equipped soldier now takes 0.5kb/s idle – upto 1.5kb/s. Pretty pretty good.

    September 6th 2010

    What would be a good compression method for small data? It seems that if I compress around 100 bytes with LZ I get more size!