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    March 11th 2011

    I made all melee actions with a gun performed while holding the “melee modifier” key. This gives a lot of freedom to the way you fight. I will be exploring melee combat for a while because I have a gut feeling this will be a big part of LD. The characters are much bigger than in Soldat so it is much more satisfying to see fully how the soldiers fight.

    March 10th 2011

    Done: grabbing guys with melee key; you can throw them around; you can pick-up corpses and use them as a shield or just toss them around; still got some fixes and improvements to do

    March 9th 2011

    I managed to quit vim! I don’t remember how though…

    March 9th 2011

    I rewrote the ragdoll collision code. Based it on cylinders not balls. Seems much better now.

    March 8th 2011

    Linux dedicated server

    Success. Dedicated server runs on CentOS. I decided to make the linux server publicly available here.

    March 7th 2011

    I’m gonna be fixing the critical bugs now (like head collecting randomness) and getting the dedicated server to work properly on most Linux systems. Wish me luck.

    March 4th 2011


    Here it is, fast as lightning :). Lots of bug fixes in this patch. It’s not perfect but I’ll get there in the next releases.

    Most important changes are:

    • Camera now works differently; you can move it around most of the time instead of just when aiming; It stays in the center of your character only when moving (cause it’s easier to move/climb like that)
    • Running/walking movements are now smoothened and the speeds are more unified; also the player does not stick so much to the surface (this gives a new feel to the moving, I think I got rid of the awkwardness of the running from previous releases)
    • Armor is much heavier; some movements like wall climbing are restricted only to light classes
    • Huntdown is now about hunting heads!

    See change log for details  read more »

    March 3rd 2011

    I’ve successfully compiled the Linux server on an older Ubuntu. This should solve the compatibility issues folks were having especially on CentOS. I’m gonna release a bug fix version tomorrow right before the weekend.

    March 2nd 2011

    I added some fresh gameplay screenshots from yesterday to the LD home page, check them out here. You can also see them on the Facebook page.

    March 1st 2011


    Here it is.
    This release took over 40 days and nights because practically every aspect of the game has been changed or tweaked. This is a brand new game you have here. If there was something you didn’t like about previous versions check this one out.

    First of all the whole movement system has been changed. I have closely watched parkour and tried to get that feeling of free urban running into Link-Dead. I’m sure this game beats Mirror’s Edge 2D in this aspect alone. There are lots of new animations and moves. But what is most important is that they are really easy to do. You just need to know how to jump [SPACE] and point your mouse at the direction you want to go.
    This is explained in this video tutorial “Moving over or under obstacles”.

    The second cool thing is melee weapons. There are new animations for handling them, like striking, blocking and THROWING! You can play with two new weapons: the Spear of Destiny and a mining Pickaxe. Impaling a dude against a wall with the spear was the thing I was so excited about a couple weeks ago. There is no game of this kind that allows you to do this.

    Watch this video to see how the Spear works (you might need to watch in fullscreen to see the full effect):

    Third thing is I added… read more »