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    December 11th 2009

    I generated a normal map reference bitmap for painting the normals by hand. This will take me some time, it is something an artist should do…


    December 10th 2009

    Shot more videos of me running and climbing today for the rotoscoping animations.

    December 9th 2009

    There was something I made by mistake when doing the first climbing animations. Instead of jumping and grabbing ledges the gostek just grabbed any wall and climbed. Like spiderman. I didn’t plan so I removed it but I’m thinking of making that a major gameplay element cause it was really fun. Link-Dead is a war in an urban environment. All soldiers would be equipped with body armor that has attached climbing tools and spikes to allow ascending all horizontal walls.

    December 8th 2009

    Rotoscoping is an ancient technique for animations using real-life photo/video footage. It was first used in Prince of Persia & Another World.

    December 8th 2009

    My character animator using rotoscoping with back video (of me running) –

    December 7th 2009

    So sleepy today. Didn’t do much besides 3 animations and running into problems.

    December 6th 2009

    I made a short animation about how I feel gameplay is like in modern games:

    DIGG IT!

    December 4th 2009

    I see no simpler and more effective way of distinguishing foreground (walkable areas and walls) from background than just painting them black. Any better idea?


    December 4th 2009

    This is the best website in the world. I visit it everyday checking if there are updates.

    December 3rd 2009

    Test of normal mapping in a Link-Dead map (with realtime dust processing). Flashlights will be a gameplay element.

    click for HQ version: