Defining Awesome — 2009 — November
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    November 23rd 2009

    Procedural generation is laziness LOL.  Brian Eno and Will Wright in one room!

    November 23rd 2009

    In-game Twitter RSS feed

    Just for fun I implemented a Twitter RSS feed into the Link-Dead main menu. Might come in handy for keeping players updated.


    November 22nd 2009

    Started using libcurl which seems like an amazing library for fetching files from the internet. I have to write a game auto-update unit.

    November 20th 2009

    Menu preview

    When creating this context menu for GUI I had these things in mind:
    speed of creation (shouldn’t take more lines of code to create the menu than the menu has items)
    ease of creation (very simple interface that will be handed to mod-developers to create custom game menus)
    automatization (don’t do what a computer can do for you; in the preview below you can see that I add all console variables to the menu – automatically)


    November 19th 2009

    Soldat clone videos

    Subscribe to my Youtube channel! There is a little feature there in the playlists if you can find it called “Soldat clones”. It’s game videos that I find of games that are published or still in development which I can see are a direct inspiration from Soldat. It’s a little hobby of mine gathering them.

    November 19th 2009

    Today I added variable association for editable context menu items. Can be used for config options eg. editing your name and saving to file.

    November 18th 2009

    Prototype of my new GUI context menu:

    November 18th 2009

    I’m coding a very simple GUI based on context menus which will be useful for pretty much every aspect of the Link-Dead interface.

    November 17th 2009

    Btw. in the Network Test when climbing you could move back and forth. I forgot to ask if anyone found that useful/fun?

    November 17th 2009

    Just found about wt. It’s a platform for writing web pages in c++. Finally I can do some web code on my own. Anyone tried it?