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    February 13th 2010

    Today is one of those days when nothing works. Although I managed to do this
    in weapon scripts.

    February 12th 2010

    This is a config file for a Link-Dead weapon – Any suggestions are welcome.

    February 12th 2010

    Got tired of the bots for a while. I switched to something fun – like making an UZI.

    February 11th 2010

    The most destructive and most easily misseen C++ mistake:
    if (foo = bar) {}
    instead of
    if (foo == bar) {}

    February 9th 2010

    Bots can now retreat when needed (like to reload) and engage the enemy from different points where there is line-of-fire.

    February 8th 2010

    Bot deathmatch (work-in-progress) video

    This bot is relatively easy. His main weakness is his aim which I dumbed down a lot. You’ll see he needs a couple shots to get an accurate shot. I think this simulates pretty good a noob player (which is a quite difficult task in AI).

    What the bot has:
    – pathfinding to enemy
    – human aim simulation (slow and innacurate, becomes more accurate after initial shots)
    – decides when it is good to duck for cover after shot or reload

    What it lacks still:
    – decision whether to engage target or retreat
    – taking advantage of enemies weaknesses (enemies worse position, health, shooting obstructed when climbing)
    -sometimes he miscalculates if he is visible to the enemy

    Big remark:
    The bot is not an enemy in a 2d platformer. The bot in Link-Dead is actually a simulation of the player in front of the computer. So he sees what a player sees and does things a player would do.

    February 8th 2010

    Anyone have good tips on speeding up compile time in Visual 2008?

    February 5th 2010

    The bots will do amazing things if I pull this off. Btw. its a real – GEM more devs should appreciate it.

    February 5th 2010

    Any human-like behavior must take into account making mistakes. I’m thinking about this today and how to make a self-correcting system.

    February 4th 2010

    Today was one of those beautiful game development moments were the result of days of work shows perfectly. The Bot figured on its own (no hard-coded if-thens) that to survive it’s better to duck behind cover before reloading.