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    March 19th 2010

    Just posted a couple minutes of Deathmatch Bot AI preview for the first time in HD Quality and MM narration:

    Click to watch in HD:

    March 17th 2010

    Added bot chatting for fun:

    March 16th 2010

    Coding bot AI all day. I love it. It’s like constructing and fine-tuning a car engine. I want mine to be a Bugatti engine. I can make it insanely fast but am limited by car speeding laws. The LD AI is constructed in a similar way Chess AI is done with the difference that it has to work in real-time. That is the bottle-neck. If this was a turn-based game where the AI can spend a couple minutes on its turn the intelligence would blow your mind.

    March 16th 2010

    Found a side-scrolling RTS for SNES. Its called King Arthur’s World and is a nice example of strategy gameplay

    March 15th 2010

    Prediction about video games in the future: the core gameplay concepts invented over 20 years ago will be exactly the same in a 100 years because technology can grow and graphics will be better but the human mind will be always the same and its capacity is constant. It can only take as much as it takes now.

    March 10th 2010

    Played LD with Mr. Bot for nearly an hour. I think it’s solid. What this game needs right now is grenades & medkits and its good to go.

    March 9th 2010

    Attachments are working for guns. Like in JA2 you drag & drop them on the gun attachment slots. Working are a silencer & flashlight. In the future there will be: recoil reducer, bigger clip, different ammo, bipod, laser sight, scope, barrel extender , talon grenade launcher, … ?

    March 8th 2010

    Brain-state magick

    If I don’t code for a few days and then return to it I usually feel like someone that has no math/programming background. It seems like a strange world and I don’t understand much. Coding the simplest thing requires uberman effort. The same applies when I code for a few days non-stop and then try to do something in real-life. It seems disconnected and things like talking require effort. I suffer from what is called the writers-syndrome were you can sit with someone at the table and look like you are looking at the distance, not talking much. You are really in a “zone” thinking about your project. I think many of you can relate to this. In the past I would think that “this is how I am”, but it’s not true, I was just constantly in the code-zone. You see it requires a totally different mind-state and you might seem odd when caught in that state in a social situation. The other-way around it also applies. If you spend a lot of time socializing coding seems odd. You can’t get anything done. My thinking about all this changed when I started becoming aware of my brain states. It isn’t that easy because it requires installing an external observer on your thought processes (and maintaining it). So if you haven’t done this yet, I have a message for 2 kinds of people which might be you.

    The first-kind thinks of themselves as rational/introverted and find it hard to do “normal-everyday” activities.
    The second-kind thinks of themselves as artsy/extroverted and find it hard to do math/coding/logical activities.

    You are not hard-wired to be any kind of these people. It’s all a matter of your brain state and you can change that.

    There are long ways and quick ways to switch states. You probably want to read about the quick one. For a situation like today were I haven’t coded 3 days I use, what some esoterics would call them – spells and chants. Specifically I use Metal Music to get back into code-zone. I recommend. It doesn’t have to be music for you. Spells, chants and rituals are all methods of brain state change. I can elaborate if anyone is interested.

    March 8th 2010

    There is a lot of bugs with split-screen, like 5 big bugs. It was a spontaneous decision to make s-s so the game wasn’t prepared for it. I have to move on to other stuff and return to fixing later.

    March 3rd 2010

    Today I’m making player keys configuration GUI. I’m making sure it allows all sorts of funky keys like 6 mouse buttons and 16 joystick ones.